The Keith Bontrager Store

Brilliance at an unbeatable price

Keith Bontrager built his reputation on a no-compromise approach to engineering, starting his business from his garage in California. Today, Trek continues the legacy: “We’re proud to say our wheels, tyres and components have become integral parts of what makes Trek bikes the best, and we haven’t forgotten the formula that made us who we are

Whether you’re looking for a fast wheelset to give you a winning edge, lights that employ the latest tech to keep you safe, or well-constructed clothing that will keep you comfortable in any conditions without breaking the bank – Bontrager have it covered.”

We think they offer some of the most thoughtful products on the market, and we regularly recommend Bontrager Accessories & Components to our customers.

With our Bontrager Store, we aim to bring you the best range at the best price anywhere online. Two things to know: we offer a price match guarantee exclusively for our Bontrager customers, and we ship worldwide. Over to you.

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Showing 1–12 of 179 results