Gravel, adventure, off-road – call it what you like, but taking to the trails is all about getting out there, enjoying your freedom and having fun with whatever the terrain throws up. No wonder it’s enjoying a surge.

Things to know. Unless you’re riding particularly sharp, hilly and technical terrain, you don’t need a mountain bike. Gravel or CX bikes will give you the stability, grip and riding position of your regular road bike and added speed. Both are equipped with wheels designed to take the wider tyres that enable you to run lower pressures, keep control and smooth out the bumps. Both have frames with the clearance to cope with even the muddiest conditions, and disc brakes to ensure you can stop with confidence and keep the crud off your rims.

How to choose? If you like to keep it nimble and want a bike to ride in cross races, go CX. If you prefer longer days, with the option to carry luggage, a dedicated gravel bike will suit.

Don’t forget: you can wear any style of cycle clothing you like to go all-terrain, but remember you’ll need MTB shoes and cleats.

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Showing 1–12 of 52 results