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Bike Fit is as important as Bike Choice

Since we opened our doors in late 2011, Pedalworks has been fitting bikes to every kind of rider and every kind of bike. Correct Bike fit is individual to us all. It is critical to comfort, performance and the avoidance of injury. This is as important to new cyclists as it is to full-time professional racers. A good bike fit will simply make you ride faster for longer and in more comfort.

Pedalworks offers a wide range of bikes from the best brands in the world – including Cannondale, Trek, Giant, Bianchi, Whyte, Kinesis and De Rosa.  We have found that no one brand can cover the fit, geometry and specification requirements of our customers.  For many people, correct fit is often the starting point of choosing the right bike..especially for Women Riders. Many female specific bikes follow a ‘shrink and pink’ approach which doesn’t work for many women who have longer femur lengths and shorter torso’s. We can optimise your bike choice and  Bike Fit. This ensures that you spend all your precious riding time enjoying the ride and not wondering whether your saddle is too high or too low…or your bars are too far away.

How we Bike Fit at Pedalworks

Getting the right fit for you is more of a journey than a quick-fix process. However, the level of fit and time spent is really up to each customer. We do not follow one process for everyone as our customers come to us with such different needs, experiences and aspirations. We will include a Bike Fit with every road-bike sold here..the level of fit is up to you.

Basic Fit – £60. Allow up to 1 1/4 hours.

There is no requirement to include all of these steps for every Bike Fit. This will be up to each customer and their own needs.

  • Starts with an interview which is where we listen to you and establish why you are here, your riding aspirations and what you want from the Fit
  • The physical assessment will include discussion on your sporting history and assessment of any injuries or physical characteristics we should consider.
    • Your overall posture will assessed ie. any asymmetries will be assessed
    • Feet will be looked at for arch shape/height as well as size characteristics
    • Back alignment and shoulder level will be examined
    • Lumber flexibility
    • Hamstring flexibility
    • Leg length will be assessed for any differences
    • The range of motion of the hamstrings and hip flexors will be assessed.
  • Once our Bike Fitter has completed the interview and physical assessment stages, she will want to get you on a bike and start pedalling.
    • Dartfish Motion Capture cameras help the Fitter look at your pedalling at 30 frames per second. This will show angles and your overall pedalling efficiency.
    • One of the most important parts of any bike fit is the foot/shoe/pedal interface. Your shoes will be checked by your Fitter to ensure that they offer adequate support.  If sufficient support cannot be provided a new shoe may be suggested and/or footbeds. We offer Sidas standard as well as fully moldable Sidas footbeds(£100)
    • Cleats are located and aligned to optimise the pedal stroke as well as support and stabilise the foot.
    • Optimum crank length is assessed to ensure that rider can pedal smoothly through the entirety of the stroke.
    • Your saddle will be assessed to determine whether or not it provides sufficient support while off-loading any soft tissue.
    • The handlebars height in relation to the saddle is a key concern to ensure smooth, consistent pedalling dynamics. The width of the handlebar also has a large impact on the rider’s overall comfort.
    • Finally, overall reach is assessed to ensure the rider isn’t excessively stretching and to maintain a good level of weight distribution over all contact points on the bike.

Full Fit – £120. Allow up to 2 1/2 hours

  • Includes all of the stages and elements of the Basic Fit
  • The foot/shoe/pedal interface is looked at in finer detail according to rider need
  • Cleat wedges/stacks/shims are considered
  • The front facing cameras are used to look at pedalling dynamics in fine detail.
  • Assessment of power output is considered
  • Racers and riders with performance goals will require this time to assess different set ups and interventions

If the Bike fit is to establish type, geometry and size of bike this will include most of the Basic Fit Elements.

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