Bike Fit

Our expertise

  • Improving riders seeking upgrades in their riding position and comfort to suit faster bikes and bigger challenges
  • Riders moving to a new discipline – road, gravel, MTB, cyclocross, TT
  • Racers and performance-oriented riders aiming to optimise aerodynamics, power generation and pedalling efficiency – we work with newer riders, seasoned amateurs, domestic and World Tour professionals
  • Riders with bio-mechanical imbalances, injuries and other adaptations
  • Para-cyclists
  • Women – everyone is unique, but we are praised for recognising our female customers’ needs and expectations

Why make it fit-first?

Riding a bike seems so intuitive. You just swing your leg over and go. But no experienced cyclist rides without a personal assessment and a bike fitting that is entirely customised – to their body, flexibility and strength, their riding experience and goals. They’ve learned it’s a non-negotiable.

Without a fit, it’s very likely you’re leaving barriers between you and your best performance. Worse, you may have accepted soreness as an inevitable part of riding, or be storing up more serious risk of injury. In some ways, it’s like driving a car. You wouldn’t dream of embarking on a journey without an MOT. A bike fit means you can look forward to hours of riding with confidence.

We recommend undertaking a full fit at any point your lifestyle, fitness and health or style of riding change.

If it’s your first fit, you can most likely look forward to more personalised feedback about your posture, riding position and technique: how to improve, how to get the most out of your riding given constraints, what you can do to lift the barriers to further adaptations that will enable you to take full advantage of your bike and equipment. Our fitters have seen such a wide range of riders and the challenges they can face. They are ideally placed to spot scope for improvement and help you set realistic expectations.

In an advanced fit, you can expect closer exploration of how your bike and equipment can adapt to you, and changing goals or capability. You can expect more testing and fine-tuning. This is essential if you undertake time-trialling or triathlons, or need to make particular adaptations, and is recommended for anyone with a keen interest in performance or bigger challenges that will test their strength and endurance.

Why Pedalworks?

We take fitting as seriously as you do. We combine considerable staff expertise with state of the art, computer-assisted diagnostics to tailor frame choice, touch points and cycling dynamics to your requirements. As a dealer with a range of market-leading brands and components, we can always help you source the combination of geometry, specification and riding position that is right for you and refine key components like handlebars and saddles quickly and conveniently.

Our belief in our fitting service means we credit the cost against any eligible bike purchase. We can very often switch components on a like-for-like basis at no extra cost, offering value for money compared with online-only discounters.

Group Discount

We work closely with local clubs, networks and groups of friends and offer a 10% discount for groups of 6 or more.





Allow up to 90mins



Allow up to 3hrs


Discuss your riding experience and goals, lifestyle, any issues and history of pain or injury.


Our fitter will observe you on the bike and identify any tightness, weaknesses and structural asymmetries. We use this information to customise fittings, and where appropriate, give guidance on technique or the benefits of further exercise or physiotherapy.






At this stage, we get you pedalling and use Dartfish Motion Capture to analyse and inform your optimal riding posture and range. We set you up on a suitable bike in our guide position and confirm your final measurements. With the Advanced Fit we take more time to consider fine-tuning to optimise your goals. We can recommend seat posts, saddle position, cranks, stems, bars as needed and keep a wide range in stock to suit all budgets.


√ ++

We look closely at the critical foot/shoe/pedal interface and consider how to support you with orthopaedic insoles (see below), wedges, stacks and shims – the building blocks to efficient power transfer, and pain-free revolutions. We undertake cleat alignment on your shoes.


At the end of the fit we will review your current bike or recommend specific models that suit you best. We are a dealer for the full range of bikes from Trek, Cannondale, Giant, Cube, Whyte and Liv. For regular customers, we can source a number of other brands – just ask.


If you choose to change any components to achieve the perfect position, we will fit them and adjust them for you.


If you buy a new bike from us, we will make all the necessary adjustments to ensure it fits you perfectly, including swapping the stock seat post, stem, handlebars and saddle like-for-like, if required, at no extra charge.

Applies to bikes £1,000 or above

Applies to bikes £1,000 or above


We complete your fitting with a report of your measurements for you to keep and we keep your details on record.


You can use the fit measurements to buy a bike anywhere, but the price of the fit will be credited in full if you subsequently order a bike from us.

Applies to bikes £1,000 or above

Applies to bikes £2,000 or above


Personalised Footbeds

Bespoke footbeds that have been moulded to your feet ensure the right support and distribution of force to optimise efficiency and comfort in this critical touchpoint. You can move your footbeds shoe to shoe, making them a great investment. We recommend SIDAS.



Allow around 30mins

Additional Bikes/Rigs

Suitable for customers:

  • Who have already undertaken an advanced fitting with us, and seek the same optimisation on another bike. We understand the requirements of all kinds of sporting, recreational and commuting cycling and make recommendations accordingly;
  • Who are time triallists or triathletes seeking tri-bar fittings or dedicated TT bike front end set up;
  • Seeking pedal stroke analysis only;
  •   Who wish to review within a year of an advanced fitting. This is suitable for customers seeking progressive improvements in the efficiency of their riding position, are rehabilitating from structural weakness or injury or need advice following recent injury.


Allow around 1hr

NOTE: parts and labour are extra except where indicated. We spend time where customers need it, and streamline the process where they don’t.


Dartfish develops and offers cutting-edge video solutions that empower its users to CAPTURE, ANALYZE and SHARE video content. Dartfish is the world leader in video-based analysis with in excess of 100,000 active users in sports, universities, stadiums and anywhere that athletes need to understand movement to excel. Dartfish, trusted globally by thousands of elite sport organizations, federations, and corporations, leads the world with technology to create, analyse and distribute video content.

Sidas UK specialise in solutions for 360° foot comfort. Supplying expert retailers and foot health professionals with a wide range of products and technology so they can satisfy each customer, patient or athlete with comfort, care and well-being. The Sidas Custom Bike insole is a 100% fully custom insole designed for use in cycling. Produced using high quality materials through-out the insole, it provides day long comfort:

  • Alcantara antibacterial top cover is soft to touch and provides durability;
  • Confortene foam pad dampens vibration through the forefoot;
  • TX heel & mid-foot provide the support, reinforcement and allow direct energy transfer.


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